Monday, April 16, 2007

The process

Here is a link to graphic designer Eric Skillman's guest post on the Criterion Collection blog about his process at arriving at the cover art for their DVD release of Jules Dassin's "Night and the City" and "Thieves' Highway." I haven't seen the films, but I'm posting the link here for a chance to get a look at an artist's creative process. I find it fascinating and useful to see the trial and error involved in any creative endeavor. Read it here.

Additionally, Skillman also designed the covers for Criterion's releases of Ermanno Olmi's "Il Posto" and "I Fidanzati." In addition to Skillman's handsome cover designs, I want to recommend both of these films as two of my favorite movies ever. I love, love, love these two films. I hope someone else does, too. Please validate part of my hard-scrabble existence by acknowledging my superior taste in everything. Give Ermanno Olmi some love. I hope you know I'm joking about my superior taste even though I have a lot of self-belief in it.

Captain Arrogance

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Spacebeer said...

Olmi is the best! I had the poster for Il Posto set as my desktop wallpaper at work for a long time after seeing that movie.

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