Monday, April 09, 2007

Favorite Actor Monday

Susan Tyrrell is intense and strange and not so strange. She's in a lot of movies I haven't seen yet, but want to, like "Big Top Pee-Wee," "The Killer Inside Me," and "Andy Warhol's Bad." Pauline Kael hated her, which puts her in the fine company of John Cassavetes and Robert Bresson. She described her acting style as "buried overacting." Her mother's last words, spoken to her, were "Your life is a celebration of everything that is cheap and tawdry." She meant it as a compliment. Tyrrell hates to work and only does so when she needs money, which she says is once a year. She contracted a rare blood disease in 2000 and had to have both her legs amputated at the knee. Her performance in "Fat City" is so good it deserves its own planet. Whether she's even a competent actor or not is irrelevant.

Fat City (John Huston, 1972)
Forbidden Zone (Richard Elfman, 1980)
Tapeheads (Bill Fishman, 1988)
Cry-Baby (John Waters, 1990)
Motorama (Barry Shils, 1991)
Masked and Anonymous (Larry Charles, 2003)

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milk and cake said...

i just saw forbidden zone last night and LOVED it. oh my goodness. i'm going to watch it again today, and then probably tomorrow too. it was crazy and wonderful.

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