Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Mission: Impossible (Brian De Palma)

This is a big, dumb action movie with an incoherent plot, but, with De Palma directing, it looks better than it should. Tom Cruise grins a lot and is pretty weak as an action hero, though the rest of the cast is more effective. A lot of stuff blows up real good, the plot twist at the beginning is clever, and the action scenes are well-done, especially the final chase scene on the train, but it amounts to nothing and I'd already forgotten it a few minutes after it ended.


kristykay said...

Also Emmanuelle Beart is in it and she is smoking hot and awesome, even when speaking English and making googoo eyes at Cruise. Plus you get a little taste of Emilio "Whatever happened to the forgotten Sheen" Estevez, and that is hard to pass up.

Krouchdog said...

I wish DePalma would make an alternate universe version of this movie in which Tom Cruise's character would die at the beginning and Emilo's character would be the only agent left.
"Mission Estevez",
"Emilio Impossible",
"Estevez Impossible",
"Mission Emilio" ?

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