Friday, June 24, 2011

R.I.P. Peter Falk

Remember when an average guy with a lazy eye could be a movie star? What the hell is wrong with Hollywood now? Nobody has any character in their face. All we have are anonymous pretty people chasing CGI monsters and supervillains in front of a green screen for an average shot length of .05 seconds or smug bores falling in and out of love and back in love based on idiotic misunderstandings.
This kind of grumbling doesn't belong in a Peter Falk tribute, so I'll stop now. He was in two of the greatest American films, A Woman Under the Influence and Mikey & Nicky, and one of the greatest German films, Wings of Desire. He was in a near-great American film, Husbands, and a formative childhood film for most people my age, The Princess Bride. Columbo was a very entertaining show, and I'm glad he was in it, but he did plenty of other stuff, obituary writers. Big Trouble had an unhappy production and was very uneven (a dying Cassavetes took over when original director Andrew Bergman quit or was fired, depending on the source), but the scene where Falk gives Alan Arkin a sardine-flavored liqueur leads to the greatest spit-take in cinema history. I loved watching this guy.

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