Monday, January 01, 2007

Favorite Actor Monday: New Year's Edition

I spent the last two days driving through snow, ice, and rain, and I've said more than enough about the films of John Cassavetes, so I will forgo my spiel this week and simply say that Gena Rowlands is one of the best actors who ever existed. Happy New Year, jerks.

A Child Is Waiting (John Cassavetes, 1963)
Faces (John Cassavetes, 1968)
Minnie and Moskowitz (John Cassavetes, 1971)
A Woman Under the Influence (John Cassavetes, 1974)
Opening Night (John Cassavetes, 1977)
Gloria (John Cassavetes, 1980)
Love Streams (John Cassavetes, 1984)
Once Around (Lasse Hallstrom, 1991)
Night on Earth (Jim Jarmusch, 1991) (still great even though she's interacting with Winona Ryder in one of Ryder's worst-ever performances)
She's So Lovely (Nick Cassavetes, 1997)

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