Friday, April 14, 2006

No One Wants to Play with Me

A rare Werner Herzog short from the late sixties.


Air Wolf said...

That kid's crow is awesome! This movie should be titled, "The Talking Crow."

Just kidding. The movie was pretty neat and titled appropriately. It reminded me of one of those American Splendor comics--by not being too ambitious it succeeds nicely. You feel like you experienced something true. Shamefully I also laughed at the kid's diet of popcorn. If one has to mistreat a child, feeding them popcorn is the funniest way to do so.

Mr. Krauter said...

I also laughed at the popcorn and at the line "A red Indian feels no pain," though I think some humor was intended. My kids will only eat popcorn while I eat nachos right in front of their face. "Can I have some nachos?" they'll ask. "We're tired of popcorn. We're tired and weak, papa. We want some nachos." I will laugh and eat more nachos.

dmitri said...

I liked it; a very sincere and compassionate film. I think i am on Herzog now... Thanks.

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